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Whats Hot Emergency Flip Chart Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot: Emergency Flip Chart

“There ain’t nothing more sexy than safety.” – Anon.

Okay, okay. I made that quote up.

Emergency Flip Chart

We’ve likely all seen them around, those flip charts that are usually super colourful and FULL of safety knowledge. Did you know that those are likely a fully custom printed piece? I used to work at a big box store where I was, believe it or not, the safety team leader.
Honestly, even then I didn’t realize that they were tailored to each individual company/building.

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Whats Hot Copper Vacuum Waterbottle Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot: Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle 17oz

Hold onto your socks, ladies and gents. This bottle will likely blow them right off.

Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle 17oz

You’ve likely seen these in retail stores, or your friend has one and you coveted it a little. (It’s ok, we know the feels.) We did too, so we got some with our logo. Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle 17oz - Island Business Print Group

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Whats Hot Quilt Tote Bags Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday: Quilt Non-Woven Tote Bags

Quilt Tote Bags

Now, we’ve all seen those standard tote bags. You know the ones I’m talking about. (The ones that you have in your car, but always forget to bring into the store.)

Well, as a promotional products supplier, we’re always trying to get our clients products that will help them stand out. Chris Dobell, owner and hospitality division rep, found this bag. Then the client took an amazing picture.

I’m just going to give you a second to drool over it, and then we’ll talk details.

Magnolia Hotel - Quilt Non-Woven Tote BagsPhoto Credit: The Magnolia Hotel

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What's Hot - Executive Umbrella - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday: Executive Umbrella

Executive Umbrella

If there is one thing you can bank on if you spend a week on Vancouver Island in late winter/early spring, it’s rain.
I mean, just take a look at the forecast for this week in Victoria, BC.
Forecast for this week

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What's Hot - Register Forms - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday: Register Forms

Running a business is no small undertaking. There are many things you need to set up to get your operation running smoothly.
For some, print is crucial to their success.

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What’s Hot Wednesday: Neoskin® Hard Cover Journal

neoskin hard cover journal

Ok, yes… it has been a little while since our last blog post.It was insanely busy and [insert all the excuses here].
HOWEVER! I have an awesome product for you to make up for it. READY!?

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What's Hot - Power Bank - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday: Power Banks

Power Banks

Hands up, how many of you have a smart phone or other mobile device? Anne*, this blog post isn’t for you. (*Anne is one of our employees who somehow manages to go through life without a cell phone.) Right, so everyone but Anne.
We all have at least one story of how we forgot to plug it in overnight or something similar and you’re left without power. THE. WORST.

This is one of those products that depending on yours/your customer’s need, we can find the best one to fit those needs. However, let’s discuss a specific popular one so you can get an idea of how awesome they are!

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What’s Hot Wednesday: Holiday Food Gifts

Holiday Food Gifts

Now, before you run at me with pitchforks exclaiming that it’s way too early to be thinking about holiday orders, just hear me out: It really isn’t.
I know that sounds like horrible “take my word for it” reasoning, but if I wanted to bore you with all of the reasons why, I probably wouldn’t be the person writing these blog posts in the first place.

Instead, let’s just talk about food. (You’re welcome.) Holiday Food Gifts, to be exact.
Here is an awesome gift guide, but I’ll highlight a few things in it for you, if you’re looking for the cliff notes.

Sea Salt Caramels

A combination of mouth-watering milk and dark Sea Salt Caramels packaged in a red foiled box and decorate with a 1-4 colour process band that can be imprinted with your logo.
Look at how good these look!Sea-Salt-Caramels-Holiday-Food-Gifts

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What’s Hot Wednesday: Safety Products

Safety Products

Halloween is coming up and have you noticed that it is slowly getting darker faster? What do you say, we stay safe during this time, eh? I’m going to show you a few select safety products that would be perfect for this time of year. Whether it be Trick-or-Treaters, Runners, Cyclists, people out walking the dog..etc. these are must have items for those who are out at night.

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What's Hot - bookmarks - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday: Bookmarks!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t read. Well, not books. I’ve just never understood the appeal. When I was younger, and I couldn’t sleep, I’d actually just start reading a book to help me fall asleep.
This being said, I’m obviously totally unqualified to write about bookmarks. I mean, I could write you some bull honky about which bookmark is the best, but that’s not how we roll here at Island Print Group. Only true, heartfelt tales about why we love our promo products.

So I enlisted the help of a coworker! Laura LOVES to read. In fact, she and Anne are constantly swapping books, and read on their lunch breaks (*cough* weirdos *cough* HAHA, Just kidding!)

Anyway, here is what she has to say!


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