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What’s Hot Wednesday: Halloween Bags

Halloween Bags

September hit, and then all of the sudden all I hear about is Halloween.
Well, honestly, I have one of those Halloween fanatic friends who started talking about Halloween over a month ago… but the non-fanatics are now talking about. Planning events and making decisions with those jack ‘o lanterns in mind.

Lorne, one of the owners here at Island, went to a Trade Show in Vancouver on Friday and came back with a bunch of new swag. Some cool bottles, card holders, microfibre cleaning cloths, etc.; the only item he brought straight to me for me to see? This Halloween Bag. Why? BECAUSE LOOK HOW COOL IT IS!

Halloween Bag - No flash

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Ralph BIO

Ralph Retires

Ralph Retires

Well, I guess it was an eventuality. I think they’ve been talking about how Ralph was near retirement ever since I started almost 7 years ago. Well, June 30th 2015 was Ralph’s last day with Island. Over 12 years, Ralph has been helping our North Island clients grow and nurture their business with print and promotional products. 12 years is no small drop in the bucket, and we’re really going to miss him.

It’s a tradition at IBPG for the newest employee to write a poem about Island and read it at their first Summer BBQ or Christmas Party (whichever comes  first.) Ralph surprised us with a poem for his last Summer BBQ. Here is a copy of it:

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What's Hot - h2go force diff - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday: h2go force

h2go force

When planning what items are featured for What’s Hot Wednesday, there is a lot of drinkware that makes the list. So much so, that I actually feel like I write about drinkware all the time.

Uhhhh, looking back, it turns out that I don’t. Last post about drinkware was back in February! So here we go, you guys. This stainless steel bottle will wow and impress!

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Whats Hot InFusion Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday: inFusion Decoration

inFusion Decoration

Ok, so I know this is a little out of the ordinary. I’m going to be talking about a decoration method as “What’s Hot” this week, because YOU GUYS, it’s hot.
Honestly, the company who does it for us already wrote some great copy about it, have amazing pictures and even videos on the process. I’m going to pull out some main parts, but here is their information guide that is pretty detailed.

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What's Hot - Sunscreen - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday: Sunscreen

If you were to ask me “What’s Hot?” I’d probably say “the weather.” It’s been pretty hot lately here in Victoria, British Columbia. So much so that the fan I have blowing on me all night has been running so hard that I’ve missed my alarm 2 days in a row.
Anyway, enough about me. I have a question for you!

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What's Hot - Mint Tins - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday: Mint Tins!

mint tins

These domed mint tins are one of my favourite ‘edible’ promotional products.
The mints that come in here are DELICIOUS. They are called MicroMints®… and they’re GREAT. They are sugar-free and are available in Peppermint or Cinnamon. Not only will the recipient think of your company while the mints are a-flowin’, but they are sure to find a use for it once the mints have been enjoyed! It’s a perfect little keepsake sized tin. (You could suggest they keep some paperclips in it and on their desk.)  Tin colours are Silver, White or Black.

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Whats Hot Beach Balls Island Business Print

What’s Hot Wednesday: Beach Balls!

Beach Balls

Ok, I understand that this promotional product may not be appropriate nationwide. Just look at this snow dump in Edmonton!

Credit @NavyMel Twitter

Credit @NavyMel Twitter

HOWEVER, this side of the rockies is a totally different story!

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What's Hot - Stress Relievers - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday: Stress Relievers!

Stress Relievers

We could all use a little less stress in our lives, amirite?
One great tool to release some of that unwanted tension is the aptly named Stress Reliever!

A squishy toy that you can exert all the anxious energy you have into, and it just takes it! In fact, I have it on good authority that they actually LOVE it! 😉

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What's Hot - Addi Bluetooth Speaker - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday: Addi Bluetooth Speaker

Addi Bluetooth Speaker

Technology is sweeping the promotional product world by storm. From power banks to selfie sticks to USBs, there are tons of wonderful tech pieces to choose from.

Today, we’ll be talking about the ever awesome Addi Bluetooth Speaker.
This is a metal speaker with controls for adjusting volume, play/pause, skipping songs accepting/rejecting/redialing phone calls, a built-in microphone and LED status indicator.

You read that right, YOU CAN ACCEPT CALLS ON IT when it’s paired with your cell phone. How freaking cool is that?

Addi Bluetooth Speaker - Island Business Print Group

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What's Hot - Temporary Tattoos - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday: Temporary Tattoos!

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos have made so many advances in the last few years. Not only can you get your regular temporary tattoos that we all know and love, but you can get GLITTER, GLOW IN THE DARK, METALLIX, NEON and brand new: SCENTED!



A layer of transparent glitter is laid over your full colour design.

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