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What’s Hot Wednesday – USB Car Chargers!

This is the perfect example of an item that exists for people like me. I was one of those lucky recipients of a cell phone that doesn’t like to hold its charge. Sure, I get a lot of social media notifications and those drain the supply a little. However, if you had my phone, you’d know that 46% really means “GET THEE TO A CHARGING STATION!”

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What's Hot Wednesday - Coaster - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday – Coasters!

I have coasters on my What’s Hot for this week, but what I couldn’t figure out was which type of coaster to write about. There are different types of coasters? YOU BETCHA!
I’ll write about a few today, those that I group in the paper-variety, but keep in mind that we can get a hold of pretty much any type of coaster you can imagine!

Without further ado – COASTERS!

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What's Hot Wednesday - Smart Phone Wallet - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday!: Smart Phone Wallet

We printed some of these up for the HotelPrint.com division of Island Print Group a few months ago. When Chris suggested them, I was a little unsure about them, but when they came in, I immediately put one on my cell phone. Why? Because this is a GENIUS product.

What is this amazing product of which I speak? The Smart Phone Wallet!

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WHW - Govino Wine Glasses - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday!: 16oz Govino Wine “Glass”

This week’s hot product is the Govino wine “glass”. Why is glass in quotations? Well, it’s not really glass at all. It’s made from a food-safe BPA-free polymer, which reflects a wine’s color and projects its aromatics much like crystal. That was a lot of jargon, right? In simpler terms, it’s shatterproof and will trick your wine into thinking it’s in glass.

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What's Hot Wednesay - Zoom Energy Mini - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday! – Zoom Energy Mini

This week, I asked around to see what others thought the hot item of the week was. Brent, one of our sales reps, mentioned this piece of technology that I certainly need. The Zoom™ Energy Mini. This is a small and compact portable charger. It is small enough to put in your pocket, yet powerful enough to charge an iPad, iPhone, Android OS devices, Windows mobile devices and other tablets and smartphones.

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What's Hot Wednesday - Neoprene Coffee Sleeves - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday!: Neoprene Coffee Sleeves

I think it’s safe to say that coffee is one of North America’s most consumed beverages. I was looking at an infographic from Lab42, and 40% of the people they surveyed drink coffee daily! That is a crazy number of coffee drinkers.
I think that this is why when you say you’re in the promotional products industry, “So, you print mugs?” is one of the top ‘definitions’ of the industry.

While there are MANY coffee related items that you can put your brand all over, the one we’re talking about today is the Neoprene Coffee Sleeve.

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WHW - Custom Chocolate -Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday: CHOCOLATES

I just cannot tell you how extremely excited I am for this. You may be tired of hearing that, but really… the anticipation for this one has been building!!
We ordered our samples a couple weeks ago and I have been waiting to write this post until they arrived.

THEY LOOK AMAZING! What are they? CHOCOLATES! I wrote a blog post last year about how we switched from doing cakes as giveaways during the holidays to doing GIANT 2lb chocolate bars. That come with a hammer. So you can SMASH the chocolate bar.

The ‘pros’ of custom chocolates over cake were many:
1. Chocolate is naturally gluten free.
2. It doesn’t have to be consumed in a short amount of time in order to enjoy its delicious flavors.
3. It’s chocolate.
4. It has your logo on it – so on that table of holiday treats, the employees know exactly who that chocolate bar came from!
5. It’s CHOCOLATE… do I really need to go on?

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WHW Calendars Blog Post Graphic

What’s Hot Wednesday: Calendars

Being in the print and promotional products industry, we’re always looking for something  to help promote you/your brand. Something to showcase your company culture and separate you from your competition. The challenge comes down to finding something your clients will use, so that they will have your business top of mind. With every business being different and marketing to different demographics/target markets this means that we need to find and offer a wide range of brilliant products.

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What's Hot Wednesday - Rotate USB Flash Drive - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday!: Rotate USB Flash Drives

Hands up if you remember a time when you had to burn information onto a CD to send large files. (Most of you should have your hands up right now.) Now hands up if you remember floppy disks? C’mon, admit it!
I’m watching this TV show that is set back when they had floppy disks. At one point in the show, they had a huge stack of floppy disks and it only held one program! It’s amazing to think of how far we’ve come with portable data storage.

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WHW Ink Joy Blog Post Graphic 2016

What’s Hot Wednesday! InkJoy Pens


The last time I wrote about pens >here<, I wrote about an awesome stylus pen. If you think that writing about pens is hard to do once let alone twice, you haven’t met me. On the aforementioned post, I told warned you that I’m a pen nerd. I have strong feelings and opinions about pens. They have to meet a certain criteria to make it into my pen cup. Yes, I’m a  little crazy unique individual.

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