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What’s Hot Wednesday!: Business Cards

One of the most common pieces of print material is the all important Business Card. Most of us probably have at least one in our wallet. It may be ours, or one of a person we intend on contacting. When you’re at a networking event, it’s a really handy tool. However, walking out of a night of networking, how many cards do you walk out with? Which one do you look at first when you get home?  Once, after coming home from an event with my partner, we had 25 cards to sort through! You want your card to stand out from the rest. Be unique!

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WHW Lightweight Jacket Blog Post Graphic

What’s Hot Wednesday! – Lightweight Jacket

Spring! Spring! Spring!

It has definitely arrived here on Vancouver Island. I had Monday off and spent the majority of the day on my balcony in a t-shirt and the all important sunglasses. It was GLORIOUS! I mean, just look at the smile on my face!

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What's Hot Wednesday - Paracord Bracelets - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday!: Paracord Bracelet

When our sales reps came back from the Promotional Products tradeshow in Las Vegas this January, I asked the ever-important question. “WHAT’S THE ITEM EVERYONE IS BUZZING ABOUT!?” Ok, maybe less yelling and more excited anticipation. Other than some of the things we’ve already covered, one of the items they mentioned were these Paracord Bracelets.
At first glance, these look like some sort of fashion statement. While this may not go with that dress you’re planning on wearing out Friday night, it can be a lifesaver.

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WHW - Door Hangers - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday!: Door Hangers

Since we started What’s Hot Wednesday, I’ve only featured promotional products. You may or may not know this (Our name made have given it away) but we PRINT stuff too! Someone asked me why I hadn’t featured any print items, and I had to come clean. Print is HARD, you guys.

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What's Hot Wednesday - Stylus Pen - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday: Gadget Stylus Pen

This week on our social media channels, we’re featuring items that we’ve put our logo on.  If you aren’t already, make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+ for daily updates!

If you pay attention to statistics of how people search the internet, you’ll notice a growing trend: Mobile Search. With people spending more and more time on their phones looking through web content, you always want to keep that in mind when you’re posting things on your social media channels and when you’re building or posting on your website.
Jumping back to the promotional products world, you want to be sure that the item you are putting your branding on is being kept and utilized by your customer. This is why, for so long, items like pens and mugs have been so popular.

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What's Hot - USB Fan - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday: USB Fans

Ok, you may think I’m trying to be punny here. “What’s Hot?” and I say “Fans.” – but seriously, this is a really cool item. (ok, THAT pun was intended)

In our Victoria office, we have two levels. The way the building was designed, the thermostat is downstairs. Which, think about it for a second, was not the smartest placement. As we all learned in grade school, heat rises. So while the staff on the bottom floor may have to keep a sweater on, the staff on the upper floor may be wearing their summer polos. This is just one reason these USB Fans are awesome. Another reason, form personal experience, is in the spring/summer when I walk or bike to work. When I get inside and get changed I’m normally still a little warm. I can sit at my desk, throw on my USB fan and cool down before I break a sweat in my work clothes.

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WHW Starline Tumbler Blog Post Graphic

What’s Hot Wednesday: 14oz Persona Vacuum Tumbler

Here is how my mornings usually go:

7:45 a.m. – Walk into the office.
7:46 a.m. – Turn on computer.
7:48 a.m. – Warm up coffee machine
7:52 a.m. – Press “Make Coffee” button.
7:56 a.m. – Sit down and start the work day.
8:30 a.m. – Realize my coffee is now cold.

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WHW - Touch Screen Gloves - Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday: Touch Screen Gloves

Recently, the promotional products world exploded with technology. From awesome items like blue tooth speakers, USB chargers, touch screen stylus pens and more, technology related promotional products are hot commodities these days.

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WHW Key Chains Blog Post Graphic

What’s Hot Wednesday: LeClasp Key Chains

I don’t know about you, but as I grow older, I seem to get more and more keys. I still remember the days when I had ONE key on my key ring – the one to get in my house. I just envision when I’m in my 70s I’ll have one of those giant key collections like you saw hanging off the belt loop of the janitor walking the halls of your high school. (Goodness, I hope not.)

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WHW - Shoplite Foldable Tote Island Business Print Group

What’s Hot Wednesday: Foldable Tote

We’ve done it! We got through another week to arrive at another What’s Hot Wednesday!
This week we have the Shoplite Foldable Tote!

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