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What’s Hot Wednesday

Our refreshed website is actually quite new. Having just launched in September 2013, we are still feeling out our new territory.

We hoped you’ve gone around, taken a look and come back often.  However, personally, I hope you haven’t noticed how stale the “What’s Hot” page has been. I promise, there are new “hot” items WAY more often than what we’ve been updating it with (or lack thereof).

Which is why we are launching “What’s Hot Wednesday!”

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Lanyard That Neck Hangy Thing

That Neck Hangy-Thingy

I don’t know about you, but when I first heard what those strings that hung around your neck to hold your name tag were called, I wanted to laugh (Actually, I might have). Lanyards? What kind of name is that? I mean, I guess it’s better than “Conference Necklace” or “That Neck Hangy-Thingy”. It had to be called something. 

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An Island Idea The Cup

An Island Idea: The Cup

We all just finished going to at least a couple holiday parties. How many of those red solo cups did you personally use? I can’t even imagine how many of them are now in the trash. It reminded me of a newer promotional product appropriately named “The Cup™”.

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It's the most Wonderful time of the year at Island Business Print Group Chocolates

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

We’re pretty big fans of Promotional Products

In previous years, when it came time to giving our customers a holiday gift we pretty much always opt for food. Up until last year, we gave them cake. Now, cake is awesome, don’t get me wrong. However, cake has a time limit on its delicious freshness. Miss the day that it is delivered, and not only do you risk not getting any at all, you risk getting stale cake

If you haven’t already figured it out – we’ll just come out and say it: We love putting our logo on things, and getting your logo on a cake (let alone 50+ cakes) is easier said than done.

So last year, we put our collective brains together and asked the question: What is better than cake?
This was NOT an easy question to answer. However, after some soul searching we found the answer: CHOCOLATE.

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A Broken Leg: The Story

A Broken Leg: The Story

I broke my leg.

There you have it folks! The reason you haven’t seen me around these past 5 weeks. I’m not writing this for sympathy (although in lieu of flowers, I do accept Facebook Likes and Beer). I’m writing this to apologize. I miss seeing your awesome faces and showing you the best our company has to offer.

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Our Piece of the World Wide Web

Employees of Island Business Print Group

Welcome to our beautiful new website!

Please take a look around and get yourself acquainted with it. We’d especially love to direct your attention to Our Story. We have a lot of history here at Island Business Print Group and we hope we’ve summed it up well there.

Together, our team has a wealth of knowledge that up until now we have hogged all to ourselves. We’re finally ready to share it with all of you! Stay tuned for posts such as our favourite new products, to explaining different types of printing to suggestions of what to get for employee recognition! We are truly your one stop shop and we are ready to prove it to you.

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