A Broken Leg: The Story

I broke my leg.

There you have it folks! The reason you haven’t seen me around these past 5 weeks. I’m not writing this for sympathy (although in lieu of flowers, I do accept Facebook Likes and Beer). I’m writing this to apologize. I miss seeing your awesome faces and showing you the best our company has to offer.

How did it happen?

I kind of wish I had some daredevil story. Like: I was battling a fire and when I went to save the kitten on the roof, my foot fell through the floor as it was crumbling around me. I still was able to rescue the kitten, and escape near death from smoke inhalation.

However the story is a little less heroic. I was playing Hockey. Now, before you say “Well Chris, you can’t really be surprised, you were playing a pretty physical sport!” I just want you to know that I play in a no contact league. Some guy just decided that in this particular game that he was going to make contact and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

How bad is it?

Well, on a scale from 1 – 10? Let’s just say 8… because that’s how many screws I needed to get in my leg. We’re looking at 4-5 months of me being on crutches. Have no fear though; I’m doing my “Gas Pedal” foot exercises and hope to be able to drive ASAP. Then my mom can stop giving me rides to work, and stop making my lunch. In the meantime though, the good news for you, I’m almost guaranteed to be in the office!

While I’m unable to come and see you, you can use this as an excuse to get out of your office! We’ve got a wicked coffee machine that is always ready to brew you a cuppa joe , and I would love some visitors. Come to brainstorm with the great products in our showroom, or just for a chat! I hope to see you around here soon!

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