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“There ain’t nothing more sexy than safety.” – Anon.

Okay, okay. I made that quote up.

Emergency Flip Chart

We’ve likely all seen them around, those flip charts that are usually super colourful and FULL of safety knowledge. Did you know that those are likely a fully custom printed piece? I used to work at a big box store where I was, believe it or not, the safety team leader.
Honestly, even then I didn’t realize that they were tailored to each individual company/building.

No matter how big or how small your company, there should be one of these books as a QUICK reference guide. Hopefully never to be needed.
The best part about a fully customizable piece, is that you can provide the best and clearest information for your team!
Emergency-Flip-Chart-Inside - Eathquakes - Outdoor

What To Include

As we on the west coast have been accustomed to, Earthquake preparedness is super important. The example above shows a bunch of great information – Earthquake preparedness when you’re outside, inside and in a motor vehicle, fire or visible smoke, if you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, bomb threat, severe weather, extended power failure, lost or missing individuals and medical emergencies for supported individuals.
If you’re a custom framing shop, maybe include a page about what to do when you get glass in your hand or eye. If your work deals with hazardous chemicals, how to deal with a spill or contact with skin.

There are many things that surround us  in our work environments that are specific to us. Spend time developing a custom safety plan and make it readily available for you and your staff.

After all, nothing is sexier than safety. 😉


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