Chris Dobell - Island Business Print Group

Partner / Sales Representative

Chris has been a part of the Island Business Print Group family since 1997 (can you say HOLY MOLY!?) and in 2005 Chris, along with Keith and Lorne (quickly dubbed ‘The Three Amigos’,) became the fourth generation of owners in the history of IBPG. This continued a long tradition of employee ownership.
Chris has years of experience in the hospitality industry and heads up the Hospitality Division here at IBPG –>

Ok, enough with the formal “He’s been here a long time, can do his job well and he’s my boss” part. Don’t let that nice smile fool you, this guy is a jokester. He loves sarcasm and practical jokes. Basically, make sure there is no way he has access to your desk when you’re not there. He’s likely to wrap it in foil or put an air horn under your chair.

Get him talking about his two daughters, Mya and Madeline, and it becomes quickly apparent how much they mean to him. He’s definitely one of those Dads who would be likely to let them paint his toe nails or wear a tiara to their tea parties.

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Lorne Mearns - Partner Sales Representative Island Business Print GroupLORNE MEARNS
Partner / Sales Representative

Lorne started in the print industry back in 1985.  With his years of experience in the industry, the print knowledge and expertise in this guy’s melon could make you swoon.  Don’t worry, we have smelling salts on site! 

Lorne became a partner in the business in 2005, and has been integral in building IBPG into the printing powerhouse it is today.  He’s our walking library of print knowledge, dedicated to delivering killer customer service and satisfaction.  We call him our Print Master Extraordinaire!

But a man cannot live by the print business alone now, can he?  So on weekends, Lorne loves to pack up the family and his faithful dog, and hit the camp sites.  Also an expert fisherman, he smokes a mean salmon – it’s why we keep a constant supply of cream cheese and capers in the lunch room!

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Brent Morrow - Sales Representative Island Business Print GroupBRENT MORROW
Sales Representative

Brent works on the front lines at IBPG.  His expertise spans every corner of the print industry, with particular focus on promotional products — from conception to creation to completion.  He has extensive experience in embroidery, and has worked with and nurtured amazing products such as Stormtech Performance apparel.  At IBPG, Brent specializes with Construction and Finance industry driven businesses. 

 If you stop by our Victoria office to see Brent about your promotional needs, you just may see his dog, Charlie, by his side.  Brent loves animals, and Charlie is his constant companion.  We’re fully expecting him to show up someday with a sidecar on his motorcycle and a custom helmet for Charlie! 

 While not at work, you’ll likely find Brent and Charlie hiking in the woods, or kicking back and listening to some tunes at his portable dock in Shawnigan… This is Island life at its best!

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Finance Manager

Island Business Print Group wouldn’t feel like the family it is without Anne.  She was with IBPG back in the 90’s in an administrative role (meaning she kept the place together and running like a well-oiled machine).   After a hiatus from IBPG, we all breathed a collective sigh of relief when Anne rejoined us as the company Finance Manager.  “ 

Anne loves, loves, loves animals — including her husband (though he is more of a teddy bear)!  Whether they be dogs, cats, bunnies or birds, Anne has a soft spot in her heart for them, and she works tirelessly away from the office rescuing birds and bunnies.   To relax and decompress, Anne enjoys sitting in the sun and reading a good book while munching on some homemade kale chips.  Occasionally, she’ll dust off the old accordion for a cheerful tune or two.

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Laura has been with Island since 2012. She was hands down the shyest member of the team when she first started, however she has since opened up (only took a few years) and is now quick to take initiative.   She has recently taken on the task of keeping our customers up to date via our social media (so make her feel good by liking the posts).

You will seldom find her without a book. Her and Anne are always passing back and forth the good ones. 

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Nanaimo Office

Keith Gheseger - Partner Sales Representative Island Business Print GroupKEITH GHESEGER
Partner / Sales Representative

Keith is the final amigo in the trio of Island Business Print Group partners.  He has been a part of IBPG since 1991 (you know, back when the wheel was invented!), starting as a sales representative.   Keith soon knew the print business was his passion, so in 2005 he negotiated an agreement with the previous owners to purchase the company and (along with Chris and Lorne – The Power of Three!*) started the fourth incarnation* of IBPG.  Keith’s vast business experience, meticulous eye for detail, and his knowledge of production equipment and printing processes have helped make IBPG an innovator in the print industry, so who better to lead our operations in Nanaimo?
*clever Doctor Who references – yes, they are fans!

Keith is also a master of the grill.  We don’t know anyone who grills better ribs than this guy.  And for such a happy guy, well, he sure does love the Blues (the music that is!).  Outside of work, Keith is just as passionate about his hobbies – he loves sailing, shooting, or working on anything with an engine (he’ll coddle and cajole it until it runs).  Also a bit of a weekend magician, Keith can make rum disappear.  No one really knows his secret.  We’re just glad he’s on our team!

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Maureen Purtell - Print Shop Island Business Print GroupMAUREEN PURTELL
Print Shop

Maureen, or Moe as she is known to us, has been building her printing acumen at the very source.  She is truly in the trenches of our print business.  Hard working and no-nonsense, when Moe was asked what she did best, she stopped briefly, blew a strand of hair out of her face, and stated, with a big smile — “finishing”, before she went back to work!  And her work, speaks for itself. 

A gifted artist, Moe loves to create and express herself through her paintings.  She is never happier than when she has a paint brush in her hand.

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Print Shop

Darcy is the newest member of the island team, having joined us in September of 2017, after moving from Alberta. Maureen is introducing him to our Nanaimo Print Shop and showing him all the fun things we do there. Even though he works in Nanaimo – he lives in Courtenay – making the drive every morning – now that is dedication! When not printing your orders he likes to spend time in the great outdoors! He enjoys geocaching, hiking, snowshoeing, downhill skiing and skeet shooting. He is also pretty handy with a camera. He even used to run a photographic print lab. Where he printed everything from traditional film, professional photo’s and team and school photo’s. He also operated modern wide format inkjets for art papers and canvas printing. He is proving to be a handy fellow to have around. 

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