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Well, I guess it was an eventuality. I think they’ve been talking about how Ralph was near retirement ever since I started almost 7 years ago. Well, June 30th 2015 was Ralph’s last day with Island. Over 12 years, Ralph has been helping our North Island clients grow and nurture their business with print and promotional products. 12 years is no small drop in the bucket, and we’re really going to miss him.

It’s a tradition at IBPG for the newest employee to write a poem about Island and read it at their first Summer BBQ or Christmas Party (whichever comes  first.) Ralph surprised us with a poem for his last Summer BBQ. Here is a copy of it:

Thank you all for coming
I’m not sure what to say
So I’ll attempt it in a poem,
Because that’s just Island’s way.

It’s hard to believe 12 years have passed
Since the day I came on board.
The road had many challenges
But also several rewards.

During that time, Island changed hands
It definitely was not wrong
The Amigos have done an excellent job
In keeping this company strong.

To Nathan and Maureen
A very special thanks to you
Your help and friendship throughout the years
Has helped me make it through.

Nikki, Anne and Laura
I certainly wouldn’t leave you out
Your support has been greatly appreciated
Of that there is no doubt.

So now I’m an old retired guy
Taking his next step in life
It definitely won’t be as challenging
Except, maybe, for my wife.

We’re looking forward to new adventures
That will be so nice
But most of all you’ll find us
Kickin’ back in paradise.

To everyone, both old and new
I wish you all the best
I hope the future holds for you
Good health and happiness!

So thank you all again so much
For travelling all this way
And many thanks to Keith and Barb
For hosting this special day!

In lieu of flowers, you can send your comments to the bottom of this blog post. 😉
Here are a few from some of us who worked with him…

I was going to try and leave you with some parting advice… but let’s be honest, I’m the youngest one in this company, and the furthest away from retirement. We miss you already!
– Nikki

Enjoy your seven day weekends, Ralph!

Ralph enjoy every day & night of your retirement! “The quality of your life is shaped by the quality of the people in your life.”
– Lorne

Hope you have a long, happy and healthy retirement; we don’t know how we’re going to get along without you but we’re sure going to try!
– Keith

Even though I have only seen you in person a handful of times,  I got to talk to you on the phone every day….sometimes like 20 times…so it is gonna be hard not to miss your happy (most of the time) voice on the other end. Happy Retirement Ralph!!
– Laura

Hey Ralph,
Keep in mind.. In Retirement, every Day is Boss Day and Employee Appreciation day.
– Brent

“Retirement marks the transition from working under one boss to a new one called WIFE. Congratulations.” Ha ha.
– Anne

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