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Oh man, you guys.. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about these.


I feel like everything I can say about these is a no brainer. So here’s a list from captain obvious:

  • Balloons are FUN.
  • Balloons come in all sorts of amazing colours.
  • They are great for many different events & fundraisers.
  • Balloons come in so many different shapes & sizes.
  • You can print anything you want on them.

WHW - Balloons - Island Business Print GroupOne of our suppliers walked in with these mustache balloons the other day and I knew right away that I wanted them. LOOK AT HOW AWESOME THEY ARE! Seriously, if we didn’t only have the ones pictured above, I would have taken them. However, it is a good reminder that November is right on our heals. Or should I say Movember?  WAIT, WHAT IS MOVEMBER? You know, the month where men grow mustaches to raise money & awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health!

If you’re looking for some fun ideas, you’ve come to the right place! *cough* Buttons *cough*

Speaking of Movember, did you know that there are official rules?
Movember Get_Involved_Pages_Rules_816x1062_FA

P.S. Have you entered our contest yet? You could win a bluetooth speaker! (Which is awesome, BTW)
Click the picture below!
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Nikki Thibodeau

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