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Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t read. Well, not books. I’ve just never understood the appeal. When I was younger, and I couldn’t sleep, I’d actually just start reading a book to help me fall asleep.
This being said, I’m obviously totally unqualified to write about bookmarks. I mean, I could write you some bull honky about which bookmark is the best, but that’s not how we roll here at Island Print Group. Only true, heartfelt tales about why we love our promo products.

So I enlisted the help of a coworker! Laura LOVES to read. In fact, she and Anne are constantly swapping books, and read on their lunch breaks (*cough* weirdos *cough* HAHA, Just kidding!)

Anyway, here is what she has to say!


I love bookmarks because they usually mean you are in the middle of a really great book.
I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty good collection of bookmarks.  Most of them, however, are leftover from the 90s. You know the ones, they are with pastel coloured yarn tassels and are covered with pink unicorns on clouds or fluffy kitten’s with sappy sayings.

Even though I do love me some fluffy kittens, I’d still really like to trade some of those in for one of the many classy, colourful and useful bookmarks we offer.

You can get high shine chrome bookmarks, ruler bookmarks, leather bookmarks, photo bookmarks, magnetic bookmarks, magnifying bookmarks, wood bookmarks, pencil bookmarks, you can ever get bookmarks with seeds in them, how cool is that!?

My favorite ones are those that have a multipurpose.  Like the pencil bookmark, you can keep it in your agenda, not only to mark your place but to pencil in your appointments, or to make notes in the margins or your favorite book.   How about the ruler bookmark, I don’t know about you but i reach for a ruler more often then I thought I would, and the bookmark size is super handy.


Nikki Thibodeau

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