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How many of your drink coffee or tea? Do you drink it daily? Do you have a favorite mug?

Nikki2987 drinking coffeeThe majority of the time, when I drink coffee, I’m at work. Here at Island, we have our nice stackable Island coffee mugs. They’re big, and I know exactly what proportions to use in the mug to make the best coffee! Also, when I take selfies – our logo is prominently shown. I mean, uh… IF I took selfies at work. Now, our mugs are pretty awesome. They obviously do the trick, they stack nicely in our cupboard so that we can have enough mugs to last us a week until the cleaners come. (Yes, we ARE a wee bit spoiled.)

Laser Etched Ceramic Mugs - Logo - Island Business Print Group

However, they aren’t this featured mug of the week. This mug is new, awesome and colourful. Not only do you have the option to screen print your logo onto it… you have the option to LASER ETCH it! *Wipes drool off face* Sorry, I get excited by laser etched logos on ceramic mugs.
Trust me, it looks SO good. Ok, I included a picture of some from our showroom so you don’t have to just take my word for it.

Still don’t trust me? FINE – drop by the office and we’ll SHOW you!

WHW - Color Step Ceramic Mug 14oz _ Island Business Print GroupThese awesome mugs also have a rubber coated matte base. Yeah, so for those of you who are clumsy like me – that means less chance of knocking your coffee over! One of the other benefits to laser is that it makes the mug dishwasher safe! The unique colour step design goes from dark to light, add in the trendy square design and do I really need to say any more about it!?!
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Do you drink less coffee in the spring and summer? Or do you not let the weather dictate your caffeinated beverage intake?

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