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I have coasters on my What’s Hot for this week, but what I couldn’t figure out was which type of coaster to write about. There are different types of coasters? YOU BETCHA!
I’ll write about a few today, those that I group in the paper-variety, but keep in mind that we can get a hold of pretty much any type of coaster you can imagine!

Without further ado – COASTERS!
What's Hot Wednesday - Coaster - Island Business Print Group
So there are quite a few levels of quality you can go for. The type you choose will depend on where you want to put them, how often they’ll be reused and what you want printed on them.

Budgetboard and Econocoasters
Ok, these bad boys are your thinner coaster typically designed for a 1-time use. You can print them with multiple colours, and they’re a great tool for promoting that special dish, drink, appetizer or an upcoming event! Inexpensive, yet very functional.

Typically found in bars, lounges and “family type” restaurants, these are sometimes referred to as “Beer Mats”. They are highly durable, and offered in various thicknesses. Additionally, we offer many size and shapes as well as custom die shapes to suit your every need! I’ve even seen someone in the Beer Industry use these as his business card! Very versatile and functional.

The Air-laid coaster is a thing of beauty. This coaster is very durable and absorbent. This item cetainly adds an upscale feeling wherever it is used. Helps protect furniture and counter tops with its waxed backing! That way, the lasting impressing is in your brand presentation and not your table.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST (actually… BEST) Cellulose Tissue 
This is a linen-like cellulose tissue coaster. You can get it either with a wax (like the Airlaid) or budgetboard backing which helps in protecting furniture surfaces. Offered in multiple sizes and shapes, we see these coasters often used in upscale hotels, restaurants, bars & lounges and casinos. Very absorbent and are used when one wants to make a very classy impression. They can be printed in up to 4 spot colours.

So there you have it! The coasters I’ve placed in the ‘paper-type’ category!
The airlaid and cellulose tissue ones are soooooooo pretty, you guys.

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