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Are you ready for my pun? Are you sure?
Make some noise with your next promotion with a metallic cowbell! *slaps knee* I’m just so punny, you guys.

Ok, let’s get serious. Although, it’s hard to talk seriously about cowbells, isn’t it? I mean, after that Saturday Night Live skit, “More Cowbell!”  is pretty much a phrase always uddered uttered in association with a cowbell. Cowbells are pretty much the best promotional item for any outdoor event/activity. I say outdoor, because I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be the company associated with the hundreds of cowbells being rung indoors.

  • Cowbell - Yellow
  • Cowbell - White
  • Cowbell - Red
  • Cowbell - Purple
  • Cowbell - Orange
  • Cowbell - Lime Green
  • Cowbell - Green
  • Cowbell - Blue
  • Cowbell - Blacck

One instance I’ve enjoyed being given a promo cowbell was when I was cheering my friends on who were running in the Victoria Good Life Marathon. I’ve got a loud voice, but I definitely enjoyed the noise making assistant.

These little guys are just under 3″ x 3″, made of metal and come in 9 different colours. Don’t judge them on their size, though. They can pack a punch!


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Nikki Thibodeau

Nikki Thibodeau

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Nikki Thibodeau

Nikki Thibodeau

Nikki Thibodeau

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