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When planning what items are featured for What’s Hot Wednesday, there is a lot of drinkware that makes the list. So much so, that I actually feel like I write about drinkware all the time.

Uhhhh, looking back, it turns out that I don’t. Last post about drinkware was back in February! So here we go, you guys. This stainless steel bottle will wow and impress!

The h2go force is what I’d call the pièce de résistance of stainless steel waterbottles.
First of all, it has a cool modern shape and it comes in a few different sizes for you to choose from (12oz, 17oz, 26oz and 34oz!)
I’ve got to say that I’m partial to the 17oz size; it’s a perfect amount of water/liquid while you’re on the go.

We got a sample in from the plant and immediately, Chris took it. He says he is “testing it out”, but I think it may be a permanent test. One of the features of this water bottle that you won’t hear from other people, is that I witnessed Chris use it as a bottle opener.
If you need a demonstration, ask Chris. (Maybe bring a beer or two 😉 )

ANYWAY, back to the h2go force water bottle. This is a double wall, stainless steel thermal bottle with copper vacuum insulation and a threaded stainless steel lid. While the 12 and 34oz bottles only come in matte black and matte gray, the 17 and 26oz bottles come in those 2 colours as well as the following: neon yellow, neon yellow, neon green, neon pink, neon orange, neon blue, mossy oak camo, glossy white and matte army green.

What's Hot - h2go force ornge sample - Island Business Print Group
Mmmmmm, so preeeeetty! Also, because of its coveted copper vacuum insulation, if you put something cold in here, it will stay cold. Chris said his water stayed cold for 2 days!
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