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Halloween Bags

September hit, and then all of the sudden all I hear about is Halloween.
Well, honestly, I have one of those Halloween fanatic friends who started talking about Halloween over a month ago… but the non-fanatics are now talking about. Planning events and making decisions with those jack ‘o lanterns in mind.

Lorne, one of the owners here at Island, went to a Trade Show in Vancouver on Friday and came back with a bunch of new swag. Some cool bottles, card holders, microfibre cleaning cloths, etc.; the only item he brought straight to me for me to see? This Halloween Bag. Why? BECAUSE LOOK HOW COOL IT IS!

Halloween Bag - No flash

It has a reflective piping around the outside and — well, actually let me just show you.

Halloween Bag - with Flash

That picture was taken with flash. These Halloween bags are so reflective that they  look like they have lights! The piping will reflect light at night from an approaching car up to 300 feet away. They have a very large imprint area on the back and would make a great handout. Made of a laminated non-woven material that is reusable and hand washable.

Safety, practicality and fun – all wrapped into one great promotional product.


Nikki Thibodeau

Nikki Thibodeau

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Nikki Thibodeau

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