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Sometimes, when I look through the list of products I’ve featured and see that I haven’t yet featured something that we sell all the time, I’m SHOCKED. This week is an example of that. HATS!

The types of hats you can get are many, as are the colours they’re available in. In fact, just to add to the plethora of hat style and colour combinations – we offer custom made hats.

One thing that I love about the hat industry is how it’s so quiet about its diversity. There are hats with velcro closures, plastic eyelet closures, snaps, slip through buckles, plastic buckles and the very popular: No closure! The Flex Fit hats being the most popular of those.Versatile Worx Pinstripe Hat
Taking a break right here to let you drool over that hat. Pinstripe with a beautiful, embroidered logo? HOOOO-boy. Can you say hat-porn? I’ll probably get in trouble for that. Let’s move on quickly…

Let’s talk shape. There is the contour, the pro and semi pro, the traditional (like a “trucker” hat), the constructed full-fit, and low & medium profiles.

On to fabrics? I’ll list them, but I doubt you’ll read them. HA
3M Scotchlite Reflective, Acrylic, Advantage Max-4, Advantage Timber, Bamboo Charcoal, Blended Acrylic, Brushed Cotton Drill, Brushed Polycotton (Licensed), Combed Acrylic, Cotton Drill, Cotton Twill, Deluxe Blended Chino Twill, Deluxe Chino Twill, Deluxe Polyester, Dupont Coolmax, Dupont Teflon, Dyed Cotton, Heavyweight Brushed Cotton Drill, Lightweight Acrylic, Mossy Oak Break Up, Nylon, Nylon Mesh, Organic Cotton, Polycotton, Polyester Fleece, Polyester Mesh, Polyester Plaid, Realtree All Purpose, Recycled Polyester, Spandex Mesh, Taslon Nylon, Washed Chino Twill, Wool Blend and Wool Serge. 

I hope I didn’t miss any!

After the style of hat – then you can choose the decoration method! There are many, so maybe we’ll leave that for another time.
I think you get it – There are tons of options. From hat snobs to hat knobs (meant in the nicest “I really just wanted to rhyme with snobs” kind of way) we’ve got your head covered.

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Nikki Thibodeau

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