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Ok, so I know this is a little out of the ordinary. I’m going to be talking about a decoration method as “What’s Hot” this week, because YOU GUYS, it’s hot.
Honestly, the company who does it for us already wrote some great copy about it, have amazing pictures and even videos on the process. I’m going to pull out some main parts, but here is their information guide that is pretty detailed.

inFusion is a new CMYK decorating method that seamlessly infuses logos custom-made fabrics. These specialized fabrics unite with inFusion to become one with the garment, creating a lightweight and comfortable feel. The result is a razor-sharp, permanent image that is undetectable to the touch. That means, you can rub your hand on the imprint and not feel it!

How does inFusion differ from Screen Print?

Screen Print vs inFusion

Basically, it’s really freaking awesome. Trust me. Just look at a couple of the shirts we’ve already printed!

Basically, check it out. Ask us how we can get your promotional clothing looking like a piece out of a retail catalogue. We want your staff and customers BEGGING you to wear their new branded clothing. (Don’t you?)
Click here for OH SO MUCH MORE info about the inFusion decoration method.


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Nikki Thibodeau

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