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Ok, yes… it has been a little while since our last blog post.It was insanely busy and [insert all the excuses here].
HOWEVER! I have an awesome product for you to make up for it. READY!?

YES, that’s write right! It’s a Neoskin Hard Cover Journal! These are so good looking, it HURTS. Not to mention the amazing branding methods available for it!

This journal has 192 ivory lined pages and is available in a multitude of colours. (There are even select colours on sale right now!!) It even has an interior pocket on back inside cover so you can put a few things in to carry with you. I love the matching coloured elastic closure. So drool worthy.

The colours available are
finish ST4143_BLK_500_500.jpg BLACK
finish ST4143_BLU_500_500.jpg BLUE
finish ST4143_DBL_500_500.jpg BLUE
finish ST4143_NVY_500_500.jpg BLUE
finish ST4143_GRN_500_500.jpg GREEN
finish ST4143_MGN_500_500.jpg GREEN
finish ST4143_ORG_500_500.jpg ORANGE
finish ST4143_RED_500_500.jpg RED
finish ST4143_SLV_500_500.jpg SILVER
finish ST4143_WHT_500_500.jpg WHITE
finish ST4143_YEL_500_500.jpg YELLOW
and while quantities last, 
finish ST4173_GRN_500_500.jpg GREEN   finish ST4173_ORG_500_500.jpg ORANGE   finish ST4173_PNK_500_500.jpg PINK   finish ST4173_YEL_500_500.jpg YELLOW are on sale!

The default branding method is debossed (which – YES, you should deboss your logo on this.), FULL-COVERAGE DEBOSSED (Yeah, you see that pink one pictured up there? You can FULL customize the front!), Silk screened, 4-colour process, full-coverage 2 colour AND a full-coverage deboss with indented dome.

This is a sleek product that screams quality.

What? I haven’t sold you on it? Watch this video and maybe you’ll change your mind!

Nikki Thibodeau

Nikki Thibodeau

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Nikki Thibodeau

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