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It feels like I only just wrote about cowbells yesterday. However, that was most certainly a week ago!

This amazing piece of drinkware was brought to my attention just today. Not only was I impressed, but Laura (our office receptionist extraordinaire) also sent it to me!

These are 16oz pint glasses with a push-on dual purpose swivel lid, a sip opening and straw opening for cold beverages and they also include a matching straw!

16 oz pint2go - What's Hot Wednesday - Island Business Print Group

I love that this product turns a pint glass into a to-go cup. Also, since it is so easily convertible, the recipient could very easily use it around the house until they’d like to convert it to a to-go glass.
I’m definitely a fan of this concept.

Are you a fan? NOT YET? Fine!
Then I’ll have you know that they cost as low as $5.46 and come in 8 different colours: aqua, clear, blue, red, graphite, tangerine, apple and fuchsia. ALSO, look at that giant imprint area, it’s a thing of beauty.

I bet I’ve made a believer out of you now.

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