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Hands up, how many of you have a smart phone or other mobile device? Anne*, this blog post isn’t for you. (*Anne is one of our employees who somehow manages to go through life without a cell phone.) Right, so everyone but Anne.
We all have at least one story of how we forgot to plug it in overnight or something similar and you’re left without power. THE. WORST.

This is one of those products that depending on yours/your customer’s need, we can find the best one to fit those needs. However, let’s discuss a specific popular one so you can get an idea of how awesome they are!

Jolt ChargerJolt Charger

This little battery backup will keep your mobile devices charged up. The 2,200 mAh internal Li-Ion Grade A battery has enough life to fully charge an iPhone, giving you about 8 hours of additional talk time. The 5V/1A USB output means that it charges at the same rate of most wall chargers.

Includes a USB to Micro USB connecting cable which can recharge the battery backup or be used to charge up devices with a Micro USB input like Android Smartphones from Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, and others.

Now that we got the boring specs over with, GUESS WHAT!? They come in 10 different colours! Black, Lime, Orange, Navy, Silver, Royal, Pink, Red, Green and Purple. They are made of aluminum and have a high perceived value.

These have been really well received and definitely earn their spot as the “What’s Hot” item this week!

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Nikki Thibodeau

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