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Selfie Stick

Inner dialogue: Contain your excitement Nikki. Take a deep breath… Be calm– OH NEVER MIND.

I’m pretty big into selfies, you guys. I can admit it without a single twinge of hesitation. Yes, there have been studies done that say our obsession as a society with selfies are turning us into a more narcissistic bunch, but don’t you think it’s more detrimental NOT to share our beautiful faces with the world?

If you haven’t seen these mentioned before, I’m not sure what rock you’ve been hiding under, but I sure hope it’s comfortable. HOWEVER, if you honestly have no idea what I’m talking about, let me go into a few more specifics.
Selfie Stick - Island Business Print Group

Basically, what you see pictured above is a phone on a stick. Pretty simple concept, right? This is an extendable monopod for cameras and smartphones that reaches up to 40″. You just attach your photo-taking device and plug in the 3.5mm cable, extend in front of you and press the button on the handle to take a picture. You can also record video!
This particular selfie stick has a wrist strap, is multi-compatible to hold a variety of electronic items and comes individually gift boxed!

They require no batteries and help you to photograph yourself (or a group!) at better angles and with wider coverage.
I saw them used a lot at music festivals in the late summer/early fall, and maybe the biggest influx of them came around as gifts at Christmas time.

These are a hot ticket item and brand new onto the promotional product scene. I’m particularly excited to have these as an addition to our offerings here at Island.


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